Monday, August 27, 2012

The House of Gort: a glimpse into the life of a Michigan family caring for two severely disabled daughters

The House of Gort from Steve Tatzmann on Vimeo.

"The House of Gort" is an exceptionally well-done documentary giving a glimpse into the life of the Gort family. Gwen, the first daughter of Tim and Gina Gort, was born with cerebral palsy. The second, the adorable Violet, has no disabilities. The third daughter, Eliza, was born healthy but suffered a cardiac arrest due to a medical error in the hospital. She has severe cerebral palsy as a result of the brain damage she suffered. [Gwen and Eliza are no less adorable than Violet, but they get starring roles in the video. Violet will have to settle for "best supporting actress" with extra accolades for being adorable.]

The video documents the constant care that the Gorts give their daughters and the consequences of medical errors. Their story was covered in the Grand Rapids News on 8/12/12 in an article by Sue Thoms - Parents sue DeVos Children's Hospital over newborn daughter's brain damage: 'They know they are wrong'.  It was also covered in a Grand Rapids TV news story on 8/12/12.

The Gort's have a blog where you can follow their story.

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