Thursday, May 25, 2017

Michigan: Action Alert from CMH Board Association

May 25, 2017

The following is an Action Alert from the MACMHB regarding budget negotiations that affect Community Mental Health services for people with DD and other vulnerable populations:

Action Alert from the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards
May 2017

As you know, both the House and Senate have passed their FY18 budget recommendations. Now legislative leaders will come together to mold their two separate budgets into one compromised budget bill for FY18. These discussions will begin to heat up again this week and should be finalized sometime over the next three weeks.

Now is not the time to ease up, we must have a strong finish to our advocacy efforts. Thanks to your help our last two ACTION ALERTS generated over 2000 emails to House and Senate offices – we need to do even better with this next one!!

REQUEST FOR URGENT ACTION: Please contact your House and Senate members urging them to make sensible changes to the final 298 boilerplate language. Timing is critical, we have roughly three weeks to put pressure on lawmakers as they finalize the FY18 budget. We are asking that you reach out to your lawmakers between now and June 2, urging them to remove the Senate language in Section 234 and to not include health plan run pilot programs in the final version of section 298.

We also need you to ask that the members of your Board of Directors, your staff, and your community partners make those same contacts – SIMPLY FORWARD THEM THE ACTION ALERT. These contacts are critical, legislators must hear from us in order to counter the efforts by others opposed to the public management of the state’s publicly sponsored behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disability services and supports system.

Below are quick talking points: 

REMOVE LANGUAGE – Section 234 of the Senate DHHS budget, specifically language referring to total Medicaid benefit and financial integration by 9/30/20, which would transfer all Medicaid resources to Medicaid Health plans.

This language predetermines the outcome of the process without any input from pilots or other measurables and completely ignores the 298 workgroup process and the will of the people.

INCLUDE LANGUAGE – Ensure that the policy and management role for Michigan’s Medicaid behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disability services and supports system remains public.

Concerns Regarding a Health Plan Run Pilot 
  • Health Plans do not have a good track record managing behavioral health services 
  • Mild/moderate services track record 
  • Duals initiative 
  • Less money available for services 
  • Higher overhead cost 
What are we trying to accomplish? 

What are we measuring? Outcomes/metrics? 

Click the link below to log in and send your message: 


This is from an email I received with the names of specific legislators who will be making decisions as to changes in proposed wording for the FY18 budget:

Senate-Health and Human Services
Appropriation Sub-committee

Dave Hildenbrand (R), Full Appropriation Committee Chair, 29nd Distric-Conference Committee

Jim Marleau (R) 12th District-Conference Committee

Vincent Gregory (D), Minority Vice Chair, 11th District-Conference Committee

Peter MacGregor (R), Vice Chair, 28th District-Conference Committee ?

House-Health and Human Services
Appropriation Sub-committee

Laura Cox (R), Full Appropriation Committee Chair, 19th District-Conference Committee

Edward Canfield (R) Committee Chair, 84th District-Conference Committee

Sue Allor (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 106th District-Conference Committee

Pam Faris (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 48th District-Conference Committee

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