Tuesday, February 28, 2017

PA: Fix the Direct Support Professionals Crisis

See Fix the Direct Support Crisis

By the numbers:

  • Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) in Pennsylvania make an average wage of $11.54/hour. They provide daily support to people with intellectual disabilities and autism. 
  • $11.54/hour is $4 per hour less than a living wage for a working family in Pennsylvania. 
  • The turnover rate of DSPs is 26.9% (over 8,500 DSPs every year) and the vacancy rate for DSPs is 12.1% (over 3,500 DSPs per year). 
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the sole funder of the wages of DSPs. The state budget has grown by over $6.3 billion since 2009, but the rate increases and DSP wages have flatlined. 
This crisis is nationwide.

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