Thursday, May 19, 2016

Michigan Dental Health

This is an overview of oral health in Michigan, including vulnerable populations, such as seniors, pregnant women, low-income children and other special populations, who are at risk for poor oral health outcomes.

This is part of a presentation from the Dental Access Project of the Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health.

More information on the Michigan Dental Access Project: 

Full Report

Interviews with stakeholders

Michigan Maternal & Child Health (MCMCH) Website

The Michigan Dental Access Project has been studying legislation that would allow for Mid-level Dental Therapy as a way to alleviate the need for increased access to dental care. Someone with specialized training or a degree, beyond that of a dental hygienist and similar to that of a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner, could then provide some dental services under the supervision of a dentist that are not currently authorized.

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