Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Michigan: My Job, My Choice

From the ACCSES Weekly Windup for October 14, 2015:

At MARO, we believe in establishing raised expectations - that all working-age citizens with disabilities in Michigan can have access to competitive, integrated employment.  MARO has also recognized the trend in current public policy emphasizing competitive integrated employment - jobs in the community, at or above minimum wage, and interacting with others without disabilities - as the priority outcome for all job seekers.  But it is further recognized that a comprehensive array of employment services should be a part of a menu of options, and people with disabilities in Michigan should be able to access these options based on each individual's desires, needs, goals, and informed choice.  That's why MARO members provide a full spectrum of employment options for people with disabilities in Michigan - based on respect for the individual's choice.

MARO is a Michigan organization for providers of rehabilitation services.

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