Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tiggy : 1998 - 2015

After 42 continuous years of dogs and/or cats, we are down to just us humans with no one left who needs to be fed, watered, and catered to. Tiggy, a.k.a."The Entitlement Cat", demanded that she be treated with the deference she deserved. She succumbed to kidney disease, but lived a full and luxurious life as an indoor/outdoor cat. 

In her later life, she developed a taste for vanilla ice cream. She only wanted 5 licks, about the amount left in the bowl after the human was done with it. If the human forgot to eat ice cream in the evening, at 9:30 p.m. she would start pacing back-and-forth, stopping only to give the human an icy stare to remind him that he had forgotten something. Sometimes the human by-passed his own enjoyment of vanilla ice cream and spooned out 5-licks-worth into a bowl, just to stop the cat from ruining his evening.

Oh, Tiggy. How we will miss you!

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