Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Videos: CA innovative housing for Autism and other DD

[These are videos from the San Francisco Bay Area Autism Society housing conference, May 10, 2014.]

Part 1: Autism / Developmental Disability Housing Options: The Growing Need

...Soaring demand with lack of housing options

Part 2: Housing Options: Single-Family Home Based Models 

 ...Overview of autism/DD housing options based on a single-family home model, including living with parents, legacy homes, licensed group homes, unlicensed co-ops and adult foster care.

Part 3: Housing Options: Multiplex and Intentional Community Models

...Overview of autism/DD housing options based on multifamily or congregate models, including market-rate apartments, affordable "set-aside" units, investment-based multifamily complexes, and nonprofit intentional communities.

Part 4: Needed Policy Changes

...Overview of many of the policy changes necessary to facilitate the creation of new housing options for adults with autism or developmental disability.  

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