Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Holidays - Enjoy and Endure!

The Thanksgiving through New Year's day holidays at my house are often a time of crisis. So far this year, Grandpa landed in the hospital for a few days, then I came down with a contagious stomach flu which I shared with Grandpa and my husband, the front wheel of Danny's wheelchair froze up and threatened to fall off, and we still have a week to go until Christmas. One year on Christmas Eve, my husband brought Danny home in the van and then proceeded to launch him into the garage without the benefit of the lift being down. Danny was OK and enjoyed spending Christmas Eve in the Emergency Room, although my husband was simultaneously wracked with guilt and fuming because of the long wait in the ER. I know some families with medically involved children who rarely celebrate a holiday in any way that doesn't involve a life-threatening crisis, a seizure, or plans that have to be changed at the last minute to accommodate whatever emergency comes their way.

Insofar as is possible and practical, enjoy and endure the holidays.

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