Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Special Dreams Farm in St. Clair Township, Michigan

The Detroit Free Press featured an article today - Special Dreams Farm offers life skills to special-needs adults by Alexandra Bahou - about a Michigan farm designed for developmentally disabled adults who want to be active, outdoors, and learn life skills on a farm.

Special Dreams Farm was founded by parents of developmentally disabled adults in 2004. The farmers first worked on private farms until the non-profit organization bought a 31-acre farm in St. Claire Township north of Detroit in 2008. The Farm relies heavily on private donations, fundraisers, and grants for its $140,000 per year operating costs. The farmers are not paid, but they learn skills that help them be more independent. The video and photographs that accompany the article show the delight with which these adults approach their activities on the farm and the close bonds they have with each other and the job coaches and volunteers who work with them.

To learn more about the Special Dreams Farm, go to the Website

Here is a page on the Website that has many photographs of the farm and two videos about the farm and how it it came to be.

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