Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Letter on the Budget Mess

This is a letter to the Detroit Free Press, September 25, 2007, from Michael Emlaw, the former Superintendent for the Washtenaw Intermediate School District:

Blame is not equal for all

Blaming everyone equally in the state budget crisis ("An utter failure of leadership, Sept. 23) is an abdication of your usual thoughtful, reasoned editorial stance.

This is a contest to win public opinion that one side in particular hopes will translate to election victory. So there is a stubborn insistence that the other side take total responsibility for the tax increase every knowledgeable person knows is necessary. That's the major stumbling block. Everyone is not equally to blame.

It seems clear those advocating a tax increase are exercising real leadership at some personal and political risk to themselves. It also seems clear those arguing for a solution based on cuts are not leading, but pandering.

Michael Emlaw

Ann Arbor

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