Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michigan Direct-care workers vs. Michigan CEOs and Board Presidents

A commenter on my last blog entry on Michigan's Direct-care Workforce suggested I check out the compensation for some of the Executive Directors, Board Presidents, and CEOs of provider agencies. The place to find these figures and other information about non-profits is on the Website Guidestar. Registration is free and it gives you access to the IRS Form 990 for the non-profits in their database. 

Here is a sampling of what I found:

JOAK American Homes, Inc., in Ann Arbor, Michigan 
  • Mission: "The corporation is set-up to provide residence, treatment and support to children and adults with mental retardation, mental illness, substance abusers and shelter for homeless citizens in various counties in the state of Michigan."
  • The compensation for Board President Josephine Akunne was $235,680 for 2009. It appears that she was paid an additional $44,000 as President of the Board of four other related non-profits.
Hope Network of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • There are several Hope Network non-profits providing services to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.
  • President of the Board of Directors Phillip Weaver received compensation from "related organizations" of $200,248.
  • Five more Board members made over $100,000 apiece.

Progressive Residential Services of New Mexico and Progressive Residential Services of Tennessee, both at the same address in Troy, Michigan, provide services to people with developmental disabilities, mental illness and other disabling conditions.
  • CEO Everett DeHut was paid $346,196 base compensation for 2009.

Community Living Services, Inc. in Wayne, Michigan provides "care, treatment, housing education, and protection of developmentally disabled children and adults."
  • Executive Director James Dehem  received $189,776 in base compensation for 2009.
As I have said for years, "non-profit" does not mean  "no money".


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this picture? How big are these companies. What board would allow this to go on. Someone needs to investigate. I'm making 8 bucks an hour. It would take me 10 years to make that amount.

Anonymous said...

Would you please update this entry? How does this fit in with the possible closings of workshops in 2015? Do non-profits have to send out yearly financial statements to stakeholders?

Jill Barker said...

I'm not sure how this relates to closings of workshops, but non-profit organizations have to file IRS 990 forms every year and list compensation for Board members, executive director, and the highest paid employees. IRS 990s are public information. Guidestar is a website that you can use to search specific organizations. As far as I know there is no requirement that they send yearly financial statements to stakeholders.
Also, here are two recent related posts at theddnewsblog: "Unintended consequences of closing sheltered workshops" 10/22/14; and "Bringing Home the Bacon" 10/21/14 about the national, state, and local ARCs cumulative revenues of $3.8 Billion in one year.