Monday, April 4, 2011

Announcing DD Advocates of Michigan

from Ed Diegel,
Advocates for Persons with Developmental Disabilities in Wayne County.
and now at

We are announcing the formation of a state-wide network to be known as DD Advocates of Michigan. We anticipate that this state-wide network will help us broaden our reach and improve our effectiveness as a community building, process improving, effective lobbying, common sense driven advocacy organization!!
Why is the ddAdvocates of Michigan Coalition being formed now?

The State Wide Network is being developed this year 2011 in an attempt to grow and strengthen the grass roots support base for persons with Developmental Disabilities in Michigan. We realize that 

  • Because most service delivery is local and because many families of persons with Developmental Disabilities have their hands full caring for their own loved ones, we do not often understand the local service delivery system and often have not had a unified voice when speaking to local, state and national officials.
  • In addition, we have no state wide and in some cases county wide medium for sharing concerns and ideas, identifying unmet needs and celebrating the many outstanding programs, people  and projects that Michigan citizens with disabilities  enjoy,
  • Finally, we are not well informed of policies developed and being developed and being interpreted (sometimes differently) at the national and state levels which will impact the futures of our loved ones.
In the face of unprecedented fiscal uncertainty, political turnover and policy interpretations at the national, state and local levels it is imperative that we families and other advocates find a common ground and do the best grass roots lobbying possible on behalf of persons with Developmental Disabilities in Michigan.

Please read the Press Release at and while you’re there, leave a comment welcoming  our new partners from Washtenaw, Livingston and  Ottawa Counties.

Thanks for all you do!
Ed Diegel

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