Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bridge cards accepted at local farmers' markets

Low-income people, including many people with disabilities, are eligible for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program) Bridge cards to purchase food. The Double Up Food Bucks program is sponsored by the Fair Food Network and doubles the value of Bridge card purchases of fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers' markets.

The Bridge card holder purchases up to $20 worth of tokens at a participating farmers' market for $10 off the Bridge card. The
tokens are then used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Local markets participating in the program include:
  • Ann Arbor Farmers' Market at 315 Detroit St.
  • Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers' Market on Ferris St. between Hamilton and Adams,
  • Westside Farmers' Market at 2501 Jackson Ave., and
  • Ypsilanti Depot Town Farmers' Market at 100 Market Pl.
Double Up Food Bucks helps farmers by increasing sales of fresh fruits and vegetables in a sustainable, dependable way. It allows eligible residents to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables that might ordinarily be out of their price range.

There are also many other locations in the Detroit area that participate in the program. Here is a list of farmers' markets throughout Michigan that accept Bridge cards.

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